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My name is Trung, In late 2015 I began trading a manual grid system in a personal Forex Broker account with huge success and when I experienced a loss in one of my automated accounts I used this manual system to recover most of the loss quickly. All products (including Stock or Commodities or Foreign Exchange or even a bunch of banana) are guided by a Supply-Demand Rule and I take this advantage of this rule to earn profit on Vietnamese Stock Market.

Safe and very stable price action system. 

Entries are based on custom indicator. Position management is covered with profit or increasing Volume. BUT: fixed Stoploss, , profit factor is 1.5 - 2.0

Account is traded with very conservative setup. 

 Account's risk frame is 50% max drawdown

Hope you guy enjoy and PLEASE any comment or any contribution to my system, do not hestitate to contact me through skype:


Thay đổi giá chứng chỉ quỹ 10,570

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